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Michigan staff dropping thousands of handwritten letters off at the capitol

Winning on Clean Energy in Michigan!

The 98th Michigan Legislature has passed a landmark package of bills expanding renewable energy, protecting ratepayers and the Great Lakes. Bipartisan support increased the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) from 10% by 2015 to 15% by 2022, with an interim mandate of 12.5% by 2019! The mandate requires our utilities to increase investment in clean energy and create local jobs for Michiganders. Clean Water Action spent countless hours in Lansing advocating for an increase in clean energy to decrease our dependency on carbon-intensive generation and pollution from coal-fired power plants. As many of you know, this campaign spanned nearly a decade with victories and battles along the way, finally culminating in a victory for clean energy.

Thanks to dedicated Clean Water Action members, we were able to influence the legislature to change focus from initially planning on redefining renewable energy to include burning toxic waste and even tires as clean energy! Over the course of our campaign, Clean Water delivered over 25,000 letters and actions demanding the Michigan Legislature maintain the definition of clean energy as technology such as wind and solar. The overwhelming support for renewable energy influenced the Michigan Legislature to maintain a Renewable Portfolio Standard to hold utilities accountable for their generation investments and protect the definition of clean energy.

2017 presents new challenges and threats to our Great Lakes and Clean Water Action will again be on the front line in Lansing and Washington DC, fighting for water protection and a clean energy future. Without the generous support of our members and their commitment, our elected officials would make decisions based on corporate interests, be influenced by fossil fuel industry lobbyists and fail to protect our most valuable resource – The Great Lakes. Let’s continue the fight in 2017 and beyond together!

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