Tell DTE to keep the Shenango site pollution free

The Shenango Coke Works site

For years the Shenango Coke Works on Neville Island has harmed the health and environment of the over 70,000 residents living nearby. The plant’s closure creates an opportunity to replace one of the area’s biggest polluters with a use that would benefit the entire community. Yet DTE Energy is pursuing an action that could erase this opportunity and the progress we’ve made toward cleaner air. They are applying for Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) equal to the amount of pollution that the Shenango Coke Works emitted when it was operating. The program is meant to be an economic incentives for reductions in pollution but if approved, they can use the credits for a polluting operation on their site or sell them to a new pollution source.

Take action and call on DTE Energy to keep the site pollution free by remediating the site and replacing it with a non-polluting source as well as not selling their Emission Reduction Credits to a new polluting source.