Civic Engagement in Virginia

Clean Water Action builds grassroots strength in local Northern Virginia communities to change state and national politics and environmental policy.

Chesapeake Currents - Fall 2016

Chesapeake Currents - Virginia - Fall 2016

Sewage Dumping Puts Public Health and the Potomac River at Risk

When it rains, polluted stormwater rushes into storm drains and Alexandria’s combined sewer system (CSS), dumping untreated sewage directly into the Potomac River.

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2016 Federal Scorecard - Virginia

While Virginians can count on Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and Representatives Don Beyer and Gerry Connolly, too many members of the congressional delegation have voted to put polluters first and undermine protections for clean water, clean air, and the climate.

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Clean Water Action Endorses LuAnn Bennett for U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia

“LuAnn Bennett is a leader who will defend vital safeguards for clean water and public health while taking action to fight climate. For 35 years she has been a small business executive, promoting energy efficient and environmentally sustainable development projects throughout Northern Virginia while creating jobs and improving the metro region’s economy.”

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Get Local
Two women voting. Photo credit: Burlingham / Shutterstock
August 26, 2016

This is why elections matter. Clean Water Action engages a voters throughout Northern Virginia to turn out and vote. And then hold their elected official accountable.