#BanFrackWasteNJ Twitter Storm - Join Us!

#BanFrackWasteNJ Twitter Storm Unless we take action, New Jersey will be used as a dumping ground for fracking waste.

Toxic and radioactive fracking waste has already polluted waterways in Pennsylvania and is now being shipped to New Jersey for disposal in our water. This waste is largely untreated, unreported and unregulated.

Thankfully, the NJ State Senate has passed bipartisan, veto-proof legislation (S1041/A2108) to ban fracking waste from being dumped in NJ's water. Now we need the NJ Assembly to act!

Chesapeake Currents - Spring-Summer 2014

chesapeake currents
Spring/Summer 2014

Council's Science-Based Vote a Water Protection Landmark

Montgomery County’s Ten Mile Creek has been called the “last best creek.” It feeds the Little Seneca Reservoir which supplies emergency drinking water for more than 4.3 million DC area residents. The creek is at the center of a pristine and sensitive natural resource area in the northern part of the county and has long been threatened by short-sighted development proposals.

The Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition together with Clean Water Action scored a major victory this April, when the Montgomery County Council voted unanimously for responsible limits on  new development in area. The Council’s April 1 action thwarted developers’ latest plans, which would have paved over more than 150 acres. Read more

2014 Clean Water Action Legislative Priorities

As we move into the second half of the 2014 Legislative session, Clean Water Action is working to pass important bills to protect California's water and health. There are active bills dealing with oil, gas and drilling and fracking, drinking water and the drought, reducing plastic pollution, and toxic chemical reform. Click here to read about our  priorities for the rest of the 2014 Legislative session.

Gov. Hickenlooper hammered over veto of water-efficiency measure

An environmental group has launched an aerial attack on Gov. John Hickenlooper for his veto of a water-efficiency bill by flying a "Failure to Lead" banner at public events, including a gathering of Western governors.

The director of Clean Water Fund — a group concerned with America's water, global warming and a new-energy economy — says it's coincidental that the "Failure to Lead" mantra echoes attacks leveled at the Democrat governor by the Republican candidates trying to unseat him in November.
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Conservation groups go after Hickenlooper for water bill veto

DENVER — Governor John Hickenlooper is drawing backlash for vetoing a bill that conservationists say would have prompted farmers to update their irrigation systems and kept more water in Colorado’s Western Slope streams without asking anyone to forfeit water rights. Hickenlooper said that the final version of the bill, SB 23, lacked sufficient support from agricultural and water groups. Conservationists say Hickenlooper’s veto amounts to a “failure to lead.”

“This legislation was the result of thousands of hours of coalition work over several years,” said Sara Lu of the Clean Water Fund. “The governor had expressed support for the bill, at least through his staff, and then seemingly out of nowhere he turned around and vetoed it.”
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Vote for These Clean Water Champions in Maryland

VOTE on June 24th! Find your polling place here

The primary election is only a few days away!   Every vote counts (especially this year with low turnouts expected) and you can make a huge difference by voting for Brian Frosh and other clean water candidates. Download our cheat sheet here.

Clean Water voters like you can make sure we fill Annapolis with environmental leaders who will stand up to polluters and put water first.  Below is a list of Clean Water-endorsed candidates, and if you haven’t already voted early, please make sure to get to the polls and vote on Tuesday!

On June 24th VOTE the candidates who will stand up for water! Find out where you can cast your vote here!

Since When Is Clean Water Up For Debate?

Congress Holds Another One-Side Hearing on Administration Proposal to Protect Clean Water

Washington – Today the US House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment held a hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s and Army Corps of Engineer’s proposed Definitions of “Waters of the United States” Under the Clean Water Act. This is the fourth hearing on the proposal since it was published in the federal register on April 21. Clean Water Action submitted testimony for the record (find it here - and released this statement:

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06/11/2014 - 10:33

Colorado Governor fails to put his money where his mouth is with Senate Bill 14-023 Veto

Denver – On Thursday, June 5 Governor Hickenlooper vetoed a commonsense, broadly supported bill that would have allowed western Colorado farmers and ranchers conserve water. If the Governor had signed Senate Bill 23 (“SB 23”) farmers and ranchers could have more easily updated their irrigation infrastructure to be more efficient and return unused water to the river without jeopardizing their water rights. Clean Water Fund is highlighting this “failure to lead” throughout the state and is mobilizing Coloradans to hold the Governor accountable.

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06/09/2014 - 16:56

Protecting Philly’s Drinking Water: City Council Offers Full Fledged Support for EPA Proposal to Protect Clean Water

Philadelphia – Today, the Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to clarify which small streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act. Clean Water Action applauds the Council and thanks Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown for introducing the resolution (find the text of the resolution here).

“We need more leaders like Councilwoman Reynolds Brown and her fellow city councilmembers.

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06/12/2014 - 11:02

Help Conserve Water in Colorado

Water is our most precious resource, and we need to do everything we can to conserve the water we have.  Everyone – homeowners, renters, business, Government – everyone needs to do their part. Right now farmers and ranchers are ready to join in. They just need Governor Hickenlooper to help them out. Ask the Governor to support farmers’ and ranchers’ efforts to conserve Colorado Water – visit this page.
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