The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut - April 2014 Newsletter

Join the CT Campaign for Toxic Free Kids!

The Coalition has been extremely busy working on bills to protect children’s health!  We are thrilled that we have two similar bills moving forward during this short legislative session.  Both bills will set up a framework in the state in which the DPH will identify chemicals that pose an exposure hazard to a developing fetus and young children and make recommendations for action to the Legislature every two years! 

Canvass Director and Assistant Canvass Director Positions Now Available

Clean Water Action is the nation’s largest grassroots group focused on water, energy and environmental health.  Clean Water Action’s 1 million members participate in Clean Water Action’s programs for clean, water, prevention of health-threatening pollution, and creation of environmentally-safe jobs and businesses.  Clean Water Action’s nonpartisan campaigns empower people to make democracy work.

Mind the Store

Mind the StoreAs the campaign to reform U.S. chemical safety policies continues on its multi-year path to update our laws in Congress, Clean Water Action has joined a related effort seeking leadership in safer chemicals and safer products from top retailers across the nation – the Mind the Store campaign.

States Grapple With Toxics Where Federal Action Fails

33 States To Consider Toxic Chemical Regulation In 2014
As meaningful federal toxic chemical reform languishes, state legislators are standing up to chemical industry pressure and acting to protect public health. Over half the country — at least 33 states — will consider policies in 2014 to address toxic chemicals in consumer products, according to an analysis by Safer States, a national coalition of state-based environmental health organizations.
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01/28/2014 - 10:54

The CSHC December 2013 Newsletter

 Help us continue to make Connecticut Safe and Healthy!


CSHC wishes for a Safe and Healthy holiday season!

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT is grateful for all our amazing advocates and member groups that are fighting to protect children’s health by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in products.  We look forward to 2014 and another year of significant progress.

Make a Year End Gift for Clean Water in Connecticut Today!

Clean Water Art WorkWe need action now to secure a clean water future for everyone. I support the goal of fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for Connecticut and throughout the country. Our CT campaigns for a toxic-free kids and for a sustainable energy future will help get us there!

Clean Water Action applauds new Walmart policy on product ingredients

Walmart to Act on Health Harming Product Ingredients

Today Clean Water Action welcomed Walmart’s announcement this week that it will phase out up to 10 hazardous chemicals in the products they stock on their shelves and increase consumer right-to-know by requiring more transparency over product ingredients. This will result in a dramatic shift in product safety and give families more information about the often hidden ingredients in every day products like moisturizer, shampoos and household cleaners. This is a positive first step and Clean Water Acion applauds Walmart and hopes other retailers and manufacturers follow suit.

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09/13/2013 - 13:41

New England Currents | Late Summer 2013

new england currents

Late Summer 2013 Edition

Building Power: Community Partnerships

It’s no secret that the environmental health problems facing society, from rising rates of certain cancers and learning disabilities to the power of corporate polluters to the climate crisis, are daunting. These are complex and often long-term battles that call for smart strategies, persistence and tools that multiply this impact.

One of Clean Water Action’s most powerful answers to these often frustrating dynamics: tapping into the power of community partners who help shine the light on society’s need for a healthier New England while adding their creativity and knowledge of local issues to the mix. Clean Water Action works shoulder to shoulder with these partners to build a healthier tomorrow. Read on and meet a few of the leaders Clean Water Action is proud to have on the team. Read More

Power Plant Water Pollution Press Releases

New Report Shows 16 Coal-fired Power Plants in Michigan Discharge Toxic Pollution Highlighting Critical Need for Strong Federal Standards


Clean Water Action Joins Mind the Store Campaign

Image: Mind the Store logo

Clean Water Action is joining the national effort by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families’ Mind the Store Campaign to challenge the country’s top retailers to restrict the Hazardous 100 chemicals. The Hazardous 100 is a list of the most hazardous chemicals, such as triclosan, flame retardants and BPA, used in consumer products. 

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