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Making the Anacostia Safe

we’ve never protected the anacostia watershed the way we should.

During the Civil War the Federal government damaged the watershed through deforestation – clearing trees to facilitate the construction of various facilities. Military activities in the 19th and 20th century at the Navy Yard and other sites discharged chemicals and other materials into the river, and this toxic contamination has been a major issue for decades.  These materials and chemicals are highly toxic and settled in to the sediment of the river. This has resulted in fish developing tumors and has made the water unsafe to drink, swim in, or eat from.

Standing Up for Clean Water

Congresswoman Norton

Stand with Representative Norton today!

thank you representative norton!

Thank you Eleanor Holmes Norton for standing up for clean water in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.   During a Committee debate on a bill (HR 4965) to block Administration progress on closing gaps in Clean Water Act Protection, Rep. Norton offered an alternative amendment. The amendment would have ensured that drinking water was protected.

While the amendment was defeated and the HR 4965 passed, Representative Norton's amendment showed that she's a true Clean Water Leaders who stands for people, not polluters! Stand with Representative Norton and support the President's Clean Water Policies today

Use rosier Metro outlook to reduce fare hike

The Transit First coalition, representing Metro riders, labor, environmental, and community groups, called on Metro and the local governments that help fund it to use the entire $16 million savings in the improved budget outlook to roll back proposed fare increases. Their statement is below:

Photo by joekerstef on Flickr.

Under a proposal submitted yesterday to Metro's finance committee by General Manager Richard Sarles, only $10 million of the $16 million savings would go to riders. Government support of Metro would be cut back by $6 million from the previous budget plan.
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04/12/2012 - 16:59

Power Plant Rules

a landmark proposal to protect the air we breathe

Clean Water Action welcomes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal for controlling carbon pollution from new and modified power plants.  “EPA is taking common sense steps to protect people from air pollution and  climate change and to lead the way to a clean energy future,” said Clean Water Campaigns Director, Lynn Thorp. 

Download and share our statement and read Lynn's thoughts on We All Live Downstream.

Chesapeake Currents - Fall 2011

chesapeake currents
fall 2011 edition

we can’t live without clean water

It’s that simple. But sometimes, the people we elect seem to forget that. And they’ve been forgetting it a lot lately in Washington, DC and in too many of our state capitals.

Clean Water Action’s job – which we can only do in partnership with you, our members — is to keep the pressure on the politicians in Washington, and in their home districts across the country, telling them to protect our water.

From the Director - Chesapeake

we can’t live without clean water

It’s that simple. But sometimes, the people we elect seem to forget that. And they’ve been forgetting it a lot lately in Washington, DC and in too many of our state capitals.

Benning Road Cleanup

We all know that the Anacostia River is polluted.  District residents and our neighbors in the Chesapeake Watershed have waited years for something to be done.  Finally, the District of Columbia and the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) are taking action to clean up some of the river’s worst toxic sites.

A Healthier Chesapeake

Clean Water, Healthy Families

Water defines our life in the summer in Maryland. We visit and vacation on the water. Sadly, this summer, many of us avoided spending time on Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Throughout the summer we saw reports of people and pets contracting serious infections from swimming in those waters that flow into the Chesapeake Bay.

Take action today to protect our waters!

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