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BP lobbyist as head of MDEQ sends wrong message about agency’s commitment to clean energy

July 14, 2016

“The appointment of a former BP lobbyist to the DEQ is a slap in the face to Michigan residents and especially the people of Flint,” said Clay Carpenter, campaign organizer for Clean Water Action. “We need a leader who is committed to environmental stewardship and protecting our water instead of a lobbyist for a company with one of the worst records for pollution in the country.”

smoke from a coal-fired power plant

DTE Energy

January 25, 2016

DTE Energy owns and operates four of the nine oldest coal plants in Michigan, including Trenton Channel and River Rouge.

Eckert Power Plant, Lansing

Lansing Board of Water & Light

January 25, 2016

The Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) owns and operates two of largest carbon emitters in Ingham Co – the Eckert coal plant and the Erickson coal plant.

Eckert Power Plant, Lansing

Retiring Michigan Coal

January 25, 2016

Michigan has a large, old fleet of coal fired power plants that mostly lacks the modern pollution controls required by existing and imminent federal environmental regulations.

Rooftop solar panel installation

Michigan’s Energy Future

January 25, 2016

Michigan is in a unique position to maximize carbon reductions achieved through the renewable energy and energy efficiency building blocks. Strategies that fall within these building blocks include demand-side energy efficiency programs, renewable distributed generation, and smart grid enhancements.

Governor Unveils Energy Plan

November 29, 2012

HICKERY CORNERS (WKZO) --   Governor Rick Snyder traveled to the Kellogg Biological Station in Kalamazoo County Wednesday to make a major policy statement on energy and the environment.

Snyder laid out his plans for future energy policy that he feels would meet Michigan's energy demands while remaining environmentally conscious.  He said that compromises will have to be made for the sake of practicality in the short term. He also expressed an interest in establishing a Strategic Natural Gas Reserve for the state.

A coalition of environmental groups is highly critical of the Governor’s plans for energy and environmental policy in Michigan.