Texas Actions

Onion Creek, Photo courtesy of ProtectOutWaterNow.org

Protect the Edwards Aquifer from Sewage

Contact your legislators today and tell them to support legislation (HB 3467 / SB S.B. 1796, and HB 3036) to ban future discharges of treated sewage into waterways within the Edwards Aquifer contributing and recharge zones.

Take action to protect trees / photo: Century Tree at Texas A&M, flickr.com/derekbruff (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Protect Local Control. Oppose Tree-Killing Bills.

More than 50 cities in Texas from all across the political spectrum have ordinances in place to protect older, larger trees. But these ordinances are under attack from the legislature.

photo: istock, cta88

Protect Aquifers from Oilfield Waste!

Please write today to the Sunset Commission and tell it to direct the Railroad Commission to protect underground sources of drinking water, a problem we detailed in a new report.

Onion Creek, photo from City of Austin Watershed Protection

Don't Mess with Onion Creek

Contact your state legislators and TCEQ and tell them to reject the permit application for discharging 995,000 gallons of treated sewage into Onion Creek each day.