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Love letters to the fossil fuel industry

It's not my fault

Usually I don’t mind taking credit for a blossoming romance – especially a high profile one with unprecedented acts of devotion – but this time I have to clear the air.

It’s not my fault that Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are head-over-heels for the fossil fuel industry. Their love wasn’t forged with an arrow from my quiver, but from the millions and millions of dollars in lobbying and campaign contributions that the oil, gas, and coal industries have spent to promote their agenda.

I didn’t bring them together, and neither did you, but together we can hold them accountable. Show your love for protecting our water and our communities – join Clean Water Action with a special gift today.

Just look at this steady stream of steamy love notes that President Trump and the Dirty Water Caucus in Congress has been sending to their industry beaus:

❤ Installed ExxonMobil’s CEO as our Secretary of State.

Eliminated the Stream Protection Rule, which protects water in coal-mining communities from harmful effects of mountaintop removal mining.

❤ Released Executive Orders approving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

❤ In the process of eliminating the methane waste rule, which protects public health and the climate, and eliminates the costly waste of natural gas from leaking and venting.

❤ Nominated Scott Pruitt – who has blurred ethical boundaries with his close connections to the oil and gas industry and does not support a single EPA clean air or clean water protection – to lead EPA.

And it’s only February. Clean Water Action is fighting this short-sighted agenda that puts our health and water at risk, every step of the way – but they need your help today.   

How will Congress and the President display their love for oil, gas, and coal next? Well, here are some of the things that they’ve said they’d like to do:

❤ Eliminate the Clean Water Rule, which helps protect drinking water for 117 million Americans.

❤ Eliminate the Clean Power Plan, a landmark step toward a clean energy economy, public health improvements, and a more sustainable climate footprint.

❤ Withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

❤ Weaken fuel efficiency standards.

Eliminate the entire EPA.

We’re all caught in the bad romance between the fossil fuel industry and President Trump. That’s why we all need to fight back. Show some love for clean water, clean air, and climate justice with a special gift today.