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Be the Boss of Them

Updated May 9, 2017

Elected officials are hearing from a lot of people about a lot of issues. Make sure they hear from you about water. Make sure they know that you expect them to join you to protect clean water. Make sure they know who they work for - you.

And take this handy guide with you.

We created this "Protect Clean Water Toolkit" to make it as easy as possible to talk to your Representative and Senators about the fight to protect clean water. In it you'll find all sorts of resources - talking points, sample questions, information about proposed cuts to EPA - everything you need to get the conversation started with your elected officials. And we need to get that conversation started.

Congress is on a tear right now - undoing all sorts of protections - like the Stream Protection Rule - and generally making it easier for polluters to get away with putting our water and health at risk. It's easy to think that you can't do anything to stop this assault. But you can - you can show up.

You have so much power, especially when you meet your elected officials face to face and talk to them about what you care about. And when we get together, we can make a huge difference.

So take a look at this tool kit, find out when your Representative and Senators are holding town halls or office hours, and get out to them. Bring your friends and family. Make sure everyone is ready to talk about clean water. And let your elected officials know you expect them to join you to fight the extreme polluter-powered Trump agenda. 

Get Your "Protect Clean Water Toolkit" here