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People's Climate March_Photo by Greg Leshe_NJ

He Can't Keep Us from Acting on Climate

He went and did it.

President Trump put our water, health, and future at risk by walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement.  He ignored the overwhelming science that climate change is real and happening how. He ignored the pleas of countries around the world. He ignored the majority of the public, who know we need to act on climate now.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the President can ignore reality all he wants, but he can't stop us from taking action to fight climate change and protect clean water.  We know we can't count on the federal government to protect the future anymore, so we're going to take our fight to the states.

States like Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, and Michigan are already leading the way.  And cities like Austin, Washington DC, and San Francisco are committing to act on climate too. This is a great start, but we need to get so many more to join in the action.

We're going to work in City Halls and State Capitols to fill the hole that President Trump is creating by turning us into a rogue nation on climate change. We're going to organize communities and hold rallies. We're going to push for bills and local ordinances that reduces our emissions and supports local businesses. We're going to win.

We know how powerful we are when we come together. That's the key - strength in numbers and grassroots power. We can build that power - together. Find out what you can do here.

Climate change is water change - that's why we need to act now. Climate change will impact us in huge ways, but our water is especially at risk. One-third of all counties in the country will face water shortages due to climate change by 2050. Climate change can super charge droughts and subject communities throughout the nation to more extreme weather.  We can't delay action anymore, and we certainly can't go backward.

So we're not going to - join us today and help us energize and mobilize people throughout the nation to call, email, and visit their local elected officials and ask them to lead the way to climate action.