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Protect the Great Lakes, Shut Down Line 5

Over 11,000 CWA members make their voices heard, telling MDEQ to shut down Line 5

During the Pipeline Safety Advisory Board’s public comment period on Line 5 in July, over 11,000 Clean Water Action members in Michigan made their voices heard, telling the state to immediately decommission the Line 5 pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac. This tremendous amount of comments show the state that Michigan residents expect nothing less than for the state to protect the Great Lakes by decommissioning Line 5 now.

Thank you for being part of this critical campaign by taking action, donating, reading our emails, or engaging with a community organizer at your door or over the phone. People power is how we'll win for our Great Lakes!

This is what some of our members had to say about Line 5:

“Turbulent currents and winter conditions make the Straits the worst place for an oil spill. Required supports for Line 5 have washed out many times over the years and this 64 year old pipeline has already failed at least 29 times… Please act as if your children lived near the Mackinac Straits. Protect the Great Lakes from a catastrophic oil spill.” – Marian Horowitz

“My family has lived in Michigan for over 100 years. We have enjoyed the beauty of Michigan and the grandeur of its Great Lakes. An oil spill from Line 5 would pollute the Great Lakes for generations to come. Line 5 needs to be decommissioned before that happens.” – Kathleen Murphey

"Even a well-maintained pipeline in this area poses unacceptable risks to Great Lakes ecosystems. This region frequently has difficult weather, and a spill during winter, or during a storm would be impossible to safely clean up, leading to further spread of contamination." – Dr. Kyle Enger

“It will be an economic disaster, not to mention an environmental disaster if the Line 5 pipeline fails. The state of Michigan is just beginning to recover from more than two decades of economic depression. Our water resources and tourist industry are central to our comeback... it is imperative that you decommission the Line 5 pipeline now before it becomes a catastrophe for our state.” – Cynthia Shaw

Clean Water Action remains committed to decommissioning Line 5 in order to protect our Great Lakes. Can you chip in $10 a month now, to help fund our efforts on this critical campaign? Any amount helps us protect Michigan's water resources and our health.

Thank you for your continued support. When thousands of voices come together to call for change, we can’t lose.