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Massachusetts Flame Retardant Bill Passes! Make Sure Governor Baker Signs It!

Exciting news! Massachusetts is on the cusp of a big victory for public health - and we need your help to get there. The Massachusetts House and Senate voted on New Year’s Day to protect children and firefighters from toxic flame retardants!  For this to become law, the Governor must sign the bill by January 11th. Please call Governor Baker Today!

H.5024, The Children, Families and Firefighters Protection Act is sponsored by Representative Marjorie Decker and Senator Cynthia Stone Creem. It bans 11 toxic flame retardants from children’s products, mattresses and bedding, upholstered furniture and window treatments. These chemicals get out of the products and into our bodies, and in fires, they turn into toxic smoke and soot, exposing firefighters. They’re also not needed for fire safety.

Call Governor Baker today and urge him to sign the Children and Firefighters Protection Act.

What to do:

1. Call the Governor’s office at: 617-725-4005.

2. Give your name and town

3. Tell him that you want him to sign H.5024 An Act to Protect, Children, Families and Firefighters from Harmful Flame Retardants.

4. Say why you want the bill to be signed. Please give your own reason for supporting the bill or say:

  • As a Massachusetts resident (teacher/parent/health professional/business owner/etc.), I expect the Governor to support this important legislation.
  • Republican House and Senate leadership supported this bill and worked across the aisle to pass it after 8 years of hearings and testimony.
  • Children, firefighters, and others should not continue to be exposed to unnecessary toxic chemicals in household products which increase their risk of significant illnesses, including cancer.

5. Send us an email [] to let us know you have called.

Thank you! We are close to a hard-won victory! We need your call to get us over the goal line!