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Canvasser Spotlight: Fenix Grace

“In a time of ecological collapse, we can only do our best to be alive and contribute what is ours to contribute.”--Fenix Grace

The Phone Canvass plays a vital role at the Oakland Clean Water Action office. One of the people on this incredible team is Fēnix. They are currently in development to be a Phone Manager. Although they have been at Clean Water Action for a relatively short period, their work has had a positive impact both on their personal and professional life.

Fēnix has been in activism work for a while now, but they were first drawn to apply at Clean Water Action because they wanted a job that would make a difference and aligned with their personal values. In additional to skills used on the phones, Fēnix noted that  various briefings have allowed them to learn much more about the issues Clean Water Action canvasses on. They appreciate the fact that, because these issues are constantly developing and changing, there is always something more to learn about them. They are particularly drawn to the issue of perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS and PFOAS); despite research that these chemicals are linked to cancer, they are still commonly found in household products. It was easy for Fēnix to connect their work at Clean Water Action to their personal life. Fenix grew up in New Jersey and has always felt a connection to water.

Fēnix is also involved in the Oakland office’s Racial Justice Committee. This a cross-departmental group that sets aside to talk about how racial justice fits into our work at Clean Water Action and what we can do to be more intersectional and intentional in our work both in the office and in the communities for which we advocate. Fēnix was drawn to these meetings because it provides a place for poignant conversations s that matter. No workplace will ever be perfect, and this group provides a platform to speak about racial justice centered issues and consider how Clean Water Action can further its racial justice goals.

Clean Water Action would not be the organization that it is today without the incredible and passionate people involved. Fēnix brings a personal perspective to the work we do and it shows in their passion to contribute both to the canvas and to the organization as a whole.