Angie Greer

East Lansing Canvass Director

Angie grew up in a community heavily affected by water issues. Her education started in the community and continued while attending Eastern Michigan University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on Women’s and Gender Studies. After living through the Flint Water Crisis, Angie decided to focus on working to bring about real change for not only her community, but all communities that suffer due to environmental injustices.

Angie became a Clean Water Action member in early 2018 while attending school. Realizing the intersectional issues of water and the environment in working with Clean Water Action, she applied and began working as a field canvasser in our Ann Arbor office. She married her husband Eudomar in July of 2021 and, after working as a field and senior field manager in Ann Arbor, became Canvass Director of our East Lansing office in August. Angie is motivated to advocate for change in the communities that need it most, like Flint, and working to ensure that all Michiganders have access to clean, safe, and affordable water.

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