Big news on Line 5 -- Thank Governor Whitmer and AG Nessel

Protect the Great Lakes, Shut Down Line 5

Late last year the state legislature rushed to pass Public Act 359, the law that would pave the way for Enbridge Energy to build an oil tunnel through the Straits of Mackinac.

Attorney General Nessel’s recently concluded that there are many fatal flaws in PA 359, which was passed in haste and was not properly vetted by lawmakers or legal staff. The Attorney General also concluded that, due to the flaws in PA 359, the subsequent agreements made between MSCA and Enbridge are also void.

Following the Attorney General's annoucement Governor Whitmer paused any ongoing processes between the state and Enbridge in regards to Line 5.

This is great news for Michigan. Let the Governor And AG know that you appreciate their actions.

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