Make New Jersey a Leader on Renewable Energy

Solar panels, blue sky. Photo credit: epicurean / iStock

From dangerous heat waves and unhealthy levels of smog to destructive flash flooding events and toxic algae blooms closing our largest freshwater lakes, New Jersey is already feeling the impacts of our climate and ecological emergency.

The increasing urgency of our climate crisis is why Governor Murphy campaigned on a plan to move New Jersey quickly onto 100% clean energy. Yet his draft Energy Master Plan (EMP) released this summer fails to meet the urgency with which we must act, and some cases could make the problems we face even worse.

Additionally, Governor Murphy has repeatedly deferred action on proposed new fossil fuel infrastructure by promising that the EMP would provide guidance and rules for new gas power plants and pipelines/compressor stations. However, the EMP completely ignores this subject and these projects continue to proceed. Each day that we fail to strengthen this plan sets us further back from achieving 100% renewable energy.

Now we must use our voices to demand a stronger plan to avert climate catastrophe and ensure environmental justice, one that includes an immediate moratorium on new fossil fuel projects and immediate and aggressive cuts to existing sources of pollution, with a priority on reducing pollution in our most overburdened communities.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is accepting public feedback on the draft plan until September 16th. Write a letter to the BPU to let them know what a clean energy future looks like to you!