San Francisco -- Join the fight against plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is choking our oceans, trashing our streets, and polluting our bodies.  We need to act now to reduce the spread of single-use disposable plastic in San Francisco.

Plastic lasts forever, yet tons of plastic items are used once and discarded. That’s a waste of water, chemicals, and energy, and it simply doesn’t make sense. Plus, it costs businesses and taxpayers even more money to remove litter from streets and storm drains, collecting and hauling it to a landfill, where it takes up space and doesn’t decompose. A better alternative is re-using forks, knives, spoons, plates, and cups instead of buying single-use disposables..This saves businesses money and it’s better for the planet and our communities.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering an ordinance like the one adopted in Berkeley that would require food vendors in the city to ditch single-use disposable plastics and instead use reusable items for dining-in. 

You can help make sure the Board of Supervisors passes this ordinance.  Write your Supervisor and urge them to support Ordinance 190811 on “Promotion of Re-Usable Food Service Ware”.