Take Action to Protect Virginia from Toxic Coal Ash


Coal ash, industrial waste produced when coal is burned for energy, contains toxic heavy metals that have contaminated local waterways in the Commonwealth due to unsafe, unstable storage ponds. We need your help TODAY to push forward long-term solutions in Virginia for coal ash waste treatment, disposal and storage.

Contact your representative to SUPPORT legislation that will protect clean water and public health from coal ash pollution!

30 million tons of coal ash waste is stored at Dominion Energy power plants adjacent to Virginia riverbanks including the Potomac, James, and Elizabeth Rivers. Dominion’s closure plans would leave most of this coal ash in place, where it will continue to threaten and contaminate drinking water for decades. To prevent Dominion from leaving the task of clean up to future generations, the Virginia General Assembly must take action to address this toxic threat by ensuring responsible coal ash closure in 2019!