Tell EPA: Protect Communities and Drinking Water from Chemical Spills

Photo of a hand holding earth / water drop by a body of water

EPA is accepting public comments on its "Worst Case" discharge rule until July 26th. Submit your comment today urging EPA to protect communities and drinking water from chemical spills.

Our Water at Risk

During extreme weather events, hazardous chemicals can be released into water and drinking water sources. Facilities that store hazardous substances need plans in place to prevent spills into local water bodies. This is a known problem and such plans have been required for over 25 years, but nothing was done until now.

EPA has finally proposed the Clean Water Act Hazardous Substance Worst Case Discharge Planning Regulations (Worst Case Discharge Rule) and is accepting public comments on its proposal until July 26th.

Why is EPA’s Proposal Important?

  • The Clean Water Act directs EPA to require facilities that store hazardous chemicals to create response plans in case of a spill caused by a severe weather event.
  • EPA never set up such a program. This leaves over 3,000 communities near facilities where spills and leaks could occur in jeopardy. Increased severity of weather events will only exacerbate this problem.
  • The Worst Case Discharge Rule will require facilities to have response plans in place to protect communities from water pollution and drinking water contamination that can happen when facilities release hazardous substances during extreme weather events.​

TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA to Protect Communities and Drinking Water from Chemical Spills!