Tell the Senate: Make Bold Investments for the Future!

 Capitol Dome with flag

The Build Back Better Act has passed the House. The Senate must now take this once in a generation opportunity to invest in our future. The Build Back Better Act is the last, best chance for the U.S. to do our part to avert the worst impacts of climate change -- the Senate must pass it as soon as possible.

Your Senators need to hear from you. They need to know that you expect them to make the most important and impactful investments now. We need bold climate and infrastructure investments that will create good, family-sustaining jobs to get the economy back on track, cut the carbon pollution that contributes to the climate crisis, and prioritize environmental justice in underserved communities.

We’re facing a code red on climate change and we have to act. The Build Back Better Act must speed the transition to clean and renewable sources of energy. It needs to clean up the vehicles that move goods across the country and get us from place to place while improving public transit, rail, bike and pedestrian travel -- our transportation system is the largest source of climate pollution. It must also invest in removing ALL lead service lines to protect our drinking water. And we need to make sure these investments benefit disadvantaged communities and people of color, who have for too long been harmed by a legacy of environmental racism and chronic disinvestment.

Take action today and let your Senators know that we need to take this historic opportunity and invest in a safe and livable future.