Tell Virginia legislators: Take action to control and prevent toxic pollutants that threaten our health


Now’s the time to raise your voice on key restrictions on toxic PFAS chemicals in Virginia. Urge legislators to pledge their support for these toxic pollution prevention priorities this session:

  • Complete a strong, science-based PFAS drinking water study, leading to PFAS pollution limits necessary to protect people’s health.
  • Push for “upstream” solutions that identify and eliminate PFAS contamination at the source (via pollution dumping permits, rules for landfills, sewage waste disposal and air pollution and getting PFAS chemicals out of food packaging).
  • Identify and create action plans to control and prevent other toxic pollutants that threaten our health here in Virginia, including 1,4 dioxane and other dangerous chemicals still in use.
  • Inventory all toxic coal ash waste disposal sites around the state, aggressively test them for water contamination, develop cleanup plans and phase out the dirty old electric plants that cause the pollution.

PFAS chemicals are highly toxic, persistent chemicals or “forever chemicals” linked to kidney and testicular cancers, liver disease, high cholesterol, impaired immunity and reproductive disorders. PFAS are found in firefighting foam, many types of food packaging, and as a result, in our bodies and our drinking water. 

Take Action! Please contact your legislators today and urge them to stand with healthy families and healthy communities.