Urge Governor Baker to say no to fracked gas

Pipelines reflecting sunset. Photo credit Amy Johansson / Shutterstock

The Merrimack Valley gas disaster was harrowing. Since then, repairs were slowed by a management lockout of workers and a stop work order. Columbia Gas reached a settlement with the municipalities, but many local businesses are still struggling with the aftereffects almost a year later. Despite the clear dangers and harms created by our gas system, Charlie Baker continues to support fracked gas expansion in Massachusetts claiming his ‘hands are tied’ while his agencies repeatedly ignore the public and prioritize short term profits for fossil fuel companies.

Fracking pollutes the air and water near drilling sites, has been linked to increased seismic activity, and exposes communities to extreme health risks. Building new fracked gas infrastructure would lock us into decades of increased carbon emissions despite statewide emissions reduction mandates and the accelerating climate crisis we are all facing.

Tell Governor Baker that you don’t want new fracked gas infrastructure in Massachusetts.