Act Now

NJ Fund climate justice

The climate crisis clock is ticking. We can't allow a budget to be finalized that doesn't meet the gravity of this moment. Write a letter to the Assembly and Senate Budget Committee members as well as to your own state legislators, and tell them that a 2022 budget that cuts clean energy dollars and underfunds mass transit is unacceptable! 

Rooftop solar panel installation

The Board of the Pedernales Electric Co-op recently voted to impose new fees on customers who want to put solar panels on their homes, and also voted to pay both new and existing solar customers less money for the energy these panels produce. 

Ban the Flow of Toxic PFAS

Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are chemicals that are toxic at very low levels, causing testicular and kidney cancer, high cholesterol, colitis, and immunosuppression, including reduced response to vaccines.

The more we look, the more we find PFAS—in products,  air, drinking water, sludge, surface water, food, plants and in…. US! Ninety seven percent of Americans tested have PFAS in their blood.

Drilling rig in Lost Hills, photo by A. Grinberg

The oil and gas industry has leveraged its massive political spending, lobbying and public relations spin machine into loopholes across our federal environmental laws and regulations. This special treatment means that when oil and gas companies profit, they put our water, air, health at risk, while fueling the climate crisis. These loopholes amount to subsidies - allowing the fossil fuel industry to profit and pass on their costs to the public in the form of polluted water, air and the climate crisis.

Pipes discharging wastewater

You can help keep sewage out of pristine Texas rivers, lakes, and streams. The state legislature is considering bills to ban the dumping of sewage into Texas waterways.

PFAS foam on shoreline

For decades, toxic PFAS pollution, known as the forever chemicals, were used in firefighting foam at the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan. The chemicals are still leaching into the neighboring Clark’s Marsh, a wetland within the Huron-Manistee National Forest, which connects to the Au Sable River and flows into Lake Huron just a few miles downstream.

Our health depends on clean, safe water. Our water depends on our infrastructure.

One of our biggest priorities is to ensure that everyone has access to clean, safe, and affordable water and sanitation in their home. No one should be unable to wash their hands during a pandemic. No child should be exposed to lead from aging pipes. No one should have to worry about sewage backing up into their basement or community flooding from failing wastewater systems.

solar panel

Tell Governor Charlie Baker, Lt Governor Polito, and Environmental Secretary Katie Theohorides to act on energy justice today! 

voting booths

The ability to participate in free and open elections is a cornerstone of democratic government. States should focus on protecting the freedom to vote, not placing additional barriers to voting. Unfortunately, instead of ensuring that all voices can be heard, leaders in the state legislature are working hard to pass anti-voter bills.