Green Scene

Clean Water's  "Green Scene" program provides event business and organizers with the tools needed to create a "Green Scene" to minimize an event's impact on the environment and host community.

Pile of cololrful plastic bottles. Photo Credit: Don Pablo/Shutterstock

Reducing Plastic Bottles at Events

Learn more about how you can reduce (or even elininate!) the amount of plastic bottles at your next event.

Three green recyling bins. Photo credit: studioVin/Shutterstock

Newport Licensed Event Recycling 101

Recycling is now mandatory at all Newport licensed special events. From Neighborhood parties to huge festivals, we've got you covered.

A pile of waste after an event. Photo credit: Joseph Sohm /

Managing Your Event's Waste

A lot of waste is produced during any event. Properly managing that waste is a vital part of your event planning. You may have a lot of questions.

Working with Vendors

By keeping sustainability at the forefront and working directly with your event vendors you can ensure that your event is a Green Scene.