Roadblocks: The Effects of Highways In and Around Druid Hill Park

Friday, July 24, 2020 - 1:00pm
Cars driving on an arterial road near Druid Hill Park in Baltimore

Join public artist Graham Coreil-Allen and Clean Water Action's Maryland Program Manager Jennifer Kunze as they explore the cultural and environmental impacts of cars in and around Druid Hill Park. Beginning in the 1940s, car-oriented planning deprived neighboring residents of the public health, cultural, and economic benefits of Druid Hill Park. Construction of the Druid Hill Expressway and the Jones Falls Expressway resulted in dangerous five-to-nine-lane-wide highways encapsulating the park, and blocking access by nearby residents. Further, this influx of cars brought increased air pollution into the neighborhoods.

Graham will shed light on The Access Project for Druid Hill Park (TAP Druid Hill), his initiative to bring together diverse neighborhood groups to shape the future of transportation around and access to Druid Hill Park. Jennifer will join the conversation from another angle to discuss the environmental and public health impacts of car travel in the city. The transportation sector is responsible for about 1/3 of asthma-causing air pollution, more than any smokestack, and Baltimore's car-centric planning has harmed our air and water.

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