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Graphic - Mercury Thermostats

Turning Up the Heat II: Exposing the continued failures of the manufacturers thermostat recycling program

April 2, 2013

A manufacturer-run program for collecting mercury thermostats is failing to keep the toxic heavy metal out of the trash—and the environment. Turning Up The Heat II estimates that, at most,

Green Scene - Newport Licensed Event Recycling 101

Recycling is now mandatory at all Newport licensed special events. From Neighborhood parties to huge festivals, we've got you covered.

Green Scene - Working with Vendors

As an event manager you are in a unique position to control the sustainability of your event.

Green Scene - Plastic Bottles

December 6, 2015

Only 40% of plastic drink beverage bottles are recycled.

Learn more about how you can reduce (or even elininate!) the amount of plastic bottles at your next event.