MA Senate Releases Energy Infographics and Also Passes Great Legislation

July 5, 2016

On Thursday, June 30, the Massachusetts Senate released a bunch of really cool infographics and also voted unanimously to pass S2372, omnibus energy legislation that significantly increases our state’s use of clean power.

Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change hearing

My First Task: Enforce Our Climate Laws?

June 1, 2016

At Clean Water Action, interns hit the ground running. That was my conclusion after traveling to the Massachusetts State House to witness a special hearing on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling on Kain v Department of Environmental Protection--on my first day, before I even had a chance to use the bathroom at CWA. This court case refers to the state’s lack of adherence to the Global Warming Solutions Act, a state law passed in 2008 that mandated a 25% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2020 and deeper reductions by 2050.