Another Trump Attack on Protections for Water, Air, and Health

Illustration - pollution in the city. Image credit: Artisticco / Shutterstock

The Trump administration is in the middle of a dangerous and destructive streak of giving polluters and corporate campaign donors whatever they want. One of Trump’s many reckless executive orders directed federal agencies to begin reviewing regulations to overturn or weaken. This so-called “regulatory reform” is really just another attack on our most essential protections. 

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) undertook a public process to ask which rules to review for rollback. This is a ridiculous question. The last thing we need to do is weaken safeguards for clean water and public health. The question they should have asked is, "what protections do we need to strengthen?" 

EPA was created and landmark laws like the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act were passed because unchecked pollution was impacting families, businesses, and communities. We have made great strides cleaning our water, promoting public health, while growing the economy, and strengthening small businesses. Trump’s polluter friendly agenda is putting all of that at risk.

Throughout this public process, Clean Water Action, our members and our allies weighed in. Our members submitted 1,600 comments and we added our voice through testimony at hearings and to the written docket. Here is what we said: