Be a Clean Water Voter - Texas Endorsements for 2018

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Below is a list of Clean Water Action endorsements in Texas for 2018. We'll be adding to this list as we announce more endorsements.

U.S. Senate:

Beto O'Rourke

U.S. Congress:

10th Congressional District — Mike Siegel

21st Congressional District — Joseph Kopser

23rd Congressional District — Gina Ortiz Jones

25th Congressional District — Julie Oliver

31st Congressional District — M.J. Hegar

32nd Congressional District — Colin Allred

Texas Senate:

State Senate District 5 — Meg Walsh (Williamson County)

State Senate District 10 — Beverly Powell (Tarrant County)

State Senate District 16 — Nathan Johnson (Dallas)

State Senate District 25 — Stephen Kling (South Austin)

State House:

State House District 45 — Erin Zwiener (Hays County)

State House District 46 — Sheryl Cole (Austin)

State House District 47 — Vikki Goodwin (West / Southwest Travis County)

State House District 52 — James Talarico (Williamson County)

State House District 105 — Thresa Meza (Dallas)

State House District 107 — Victoria Neave (Dallas)

State House District 112 — Brandy Chambers

State House District 114 — John Turner (Dallas)

State House District 136 — John Bucy III (Williamson County)

Austin -- Propositions and City Elections

YES on Austin Bond Propositions (Prop. A —  Prop. G)

NO on Proposition K: the Dark Money Attack on Austin

Austin Mayor — Steve Adler

Austin City Council District 1 — Vincent Harding

Austin City Council District 3 — Susana Almanza

Austin City Council District 5 — Ann Kitchen

Austin City Council District 8 — Bobby Levinski

Austin City Council District 9 — Kathie Tovo

    More Details on Endorsed Candidates

    Beto O'Rourke for U.S. Senate:

    • An environmental champion with an A+ voting record as a U.S. Congressman, including 97% on our newest Congressional scorecard.
    • Committed to restoring Clean Water Act protections to coastal wetlands and drinking water sources.
    • Committed to clean, renewable energy to create jobs and slow climate change.
    • Refuses to accept corporate contributions or PAC money.
    • Beto's opponent Ted Cruz has a long, dismal history of putting the interests of corporate polluters first.

    Read our press release. 

    Mike Siegel for US Congress, 10th District

    • Siegel is a former school teacher and civil rights attorney committed to protecting the Clean Water Act and other landmark environmental measures in the wake of the Trump administration's attacks. 

    Joseph Kopser for U.S. Congress, 21st District:

    • Committed to a 100% renewable energy future to build the Texas economy and slow climate change.
    • A West Point graduate who served two tours of duty in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star.
    • Champions a 21st century energy grid to promote efficiency and expansion of wind and solar energy.
    • Kopser's opponent is a former chief-of-staff for Ted Cruz who shares Cruz's anti-environmental agenda.

    Gina Ortiz Jones for U.S. Congress, 23rd District:

    • Sees climate change as a national security as well as environmental catastrophe and has pledged to take action against it;
    • Committed to promoting renewable energy to create more jobs for Texans and reduce pollution;
    • Former intelligence officer in the Air Force with service in Iraq and Europe;
    • Director for Investment at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in the Obama Administration.

    Julie Oliver for U.S. Congress, 25th District:

    • Will fight to stop the assault on bedrock laws like the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act, and will address runaway climate change.
    • Co-wrote the Texas Motor Fuels law which allocates millions of dollars for public education and transportation infrastructure.
    • Julie's campaign is 100% powered by individual donations and refuses to accept PAC money.
    • Julie's opponent is an anti-environment extremist who denies the reality of climate change, supports eliminating EPA, and earned 0% on our Clean Water Scorecard.

    M.J. Hegar for U.S. Congress, 31st District:

    • Committed to stopping Trump's rollbacks of environmental protections;
    • Will fight to ensure that EPA has an adequate level of funding;
    • Awarded a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for wounds sustained during a rescue mission as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan;
    • Successfully led the fight to repeal Pentagon policies that forbade women from serving in ground combat.

    Colin Allred for U.S. Congress, 32nd District:

    • Colin is committed to protecting the Clean Water Act and promoting clean, renewable energy to advance the economy and protect public health.
    • His opponent, incumbent Pete Sessions, earned a rock-bottom 0% on Clean Water Action's environmental scorecard.

    Meg Walsh for State Senate, District 5

    • Will work for stronger protections for Texas groundwater supplies;
    • Committed to promoting renewable energy to fight climate change and create more jobs for Texans;
    • Will fight for more funding for public schools and better health care.

    Beverly Powell for State Senate, District 10

    • Respects the Texas tradition of local control so that cities can protect trees, manage plastic bag pollution and pass other reasonable measure to protect their residents;
    • Will fight for stronger regulation of the oil and gas industry and to restore the ability of cities to protect schools and neighborhoods from fracking operations;
    • Committed to expanding expand health care and funding for public education;
    • Opponent Konni Burton is an extremist who supports anti-vaccination legislation and cutting funding for public education.

    Nathan Johnson for State Senate, District 16

    • This race could be decisive in determining whether Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick preserves his supermajority in the Senate that allows him to move extremist bills forward.
    • Johnson's opponent is a Tea Party radical who has sought to hamstring the ability of cities, counties, and school districts to raise critical funding for basic needs.

    Steven Kling for State Senate, District 25

    • Protect Hill Country streams and groundwater by banning direct discharge of sewage effluent within the Edwards Aquifer Contributing Zone.
    • Revise right-of-capture laws to prevent industrial wells from depleting the water supplies of nearby landowners.
    • Pass legislation to implement rainwater harvesting, grey-water reuse, permeable surfaces, and water-efficient landscapes in new subdivisions.
    • Served two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq with the Army, and received was awarded the Bronze Star, the Combat Action Badge, and the Joint Services Commendation Medal.

    Erin Zwiener for State House, District 45

    • Zwiener is a conservationist by training, an author of children's books, and a strong progressive who will stand up to Greg Abbott's anti-environmental agenda.

    Sheryl Cole for State House, District 46

    • Cole brings decades of experience, including six years of service on the Austin City Council, working for clean energy, water conservation, and more.

    Vikki Goodwin for State House, District 47

    • Establish a Southwest Travis County Groundwater Conservation District to protect water supplies in a rapidly growing area.
    • Boost investments in renewable energy and promote plug-in electric vehicles.
    • Increase funding for state and local parks by directing with revenue from the sporting goods sales tax,  revenue to this as the law intended by law.
    • Work with environmental agencies, local governments, and state planners and for sustainable transportation solutions that work, including mass transit.

    James Talarico for State House, District 52

    • Committed to public education, access to health care and a more civil political culture;
    • Served as Central Texas Executive Director of Reasoning Mind, a nonprofit that provides internet-based training in math to high school students;
    • Dedicated to expanding solar and wind energy resources. 

    Thresa Meza for State House, District 105

    • Meza is a former League of Women Voters board member with a strong history of community engagement for progressive causes.
    • Her opponent received an 'F' from the League of Conservation Voters for his anti-environmental votes.

    Victoria Neave for Texas House, District 107

        Neave has earned kudos for her pro-environment, pro-health care, and pro-public education votes in the legislature. She deserves to be re-elected.

    John Turner for State House, District 114

    • Turner is a true champion who played a key role in defeating plans to fast-track over a dozen heavily polluting coal-fired power plants when Rick Perry was governor.
    • His opponent is newcomer Lisa Luby Ryan, whose focus is on reviving the 'bathroom bill' and undermining vaccination programs rather than addressing real problems.

    Brandy Chambers for State House, District 122

    • Will promote renewable energy to fight climate change and help the economy;
    • Dedicated to expand health care options, defending reproductive rights, and protect public education.

    John Bucy III for State House, District 136

    • Long-time community organizer with detailed knowledge of the problems facing this district;
    • Committed to protecting public education and expanding health care options;
    • Will fight for more greater protections of water supplies and air quality. 

    YES on Austin Bond Propositions (Prop. A —  Prop. G)

    We endorse the following propositions for affordable housing, water quality, flood control, and safer streets.

    • Proposition A: Affordable housing for low-to-moderate income families and seniors.
    • Proposition B: New libraries and improvements to museums and cultural centers.
    • Proposition C: New parks and park improvements.
    • Proposition D: Water quality protection and flood control.
    • Proposition E: Health and human services.
    • Proposition F: Renovation of fire and EMS stations.
    • Proposition G: Pedestrian safety, urban trails, and sidewalk, road and bridge repairs.

    NO on Proposition K: the Dark Money Attack on Austin

    Clean Water Action opposes Proposition K

    • This so-called "efficiency audit" proposition is in reality a stealth attack on Austin programs that protect the environment, worker safety, and public health.
    • The Prop. K petition drive was financed with anonymous 'dark money' funneled through an organization with close ties to the Koch brothers and far-right organizations.
    • Austin already has an auditor directly answerable to city council.

    Austin Mayor — Steve Adler

    Adler has done an outstanding job presiding over a city council elected for the first time by district instead of at-large, and is making notable progress on a host of environmental concerns.  His achievements include:

    • Contracts for 600 megawatts of affordable, clean energy from West Texas solar farms;
    • Approval of a transportation bond initiative to ease congestion and promote walking, biking and transit;
    • Working to improve water quality and flood control measures across the city;
    • Fighting climate change through plans to electrify transportation and shut down Austin's share in the Fayette coal plant;
    • Standing up to the Donald Trump and Greg Abbott in the face of their attacks on health care, reproductive and immigrant rights, and environmental protection.

    Austin City Council District 1 — Vincent Harding

    Harding has a long track record of working to expand transit options, access to health care, grocery stores and jobs, and provide clean drinking water at an affordable price to District 1 residents. 

    • Committed to reducing Austin's carbon footprint by making mass transportation more available;
    • Will work to assure Austin Energy meets and strengthens its renewable energy goals;
    • Strong advocate for making housing more affordable for low and moderate families.

    Austin City Council District 3 — Susana Almanza

    An East Austin native, Almanza will amplify efforts to address displacement and loss of community character that are besetting this district.

    • Long-time director of the environmental justice organization PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and its Resources);
    • Led successful fights to remove underground gasoline storage tanks (the 'tank farm') and recycling facilities from East Austin neighborhoods, and to shut down the oil-burning Holly Power Plant;
    • Committed to preventing at-risk communities from being 'gentrified' out of their historic neighborhoods;
    • A strong advocate for clean, affordable water and renewable energy.

    Austin City Council District 5 — Ann Kitchen

    Kitchen is a proven consensus builder with years of experience in the state legislature and on city council

    • Co-founder of Austin's pioneering Save Our Springs coalition;
    • Nationally recognized health care expert;
    • Track record of success in fighting for water quality, renewable energy and flood control;
    • Working for cost-effective, sustainable transportation options as a board member of Capital Metro and of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO).

    Austin City Council District 8 — Bobby Levinski

    Levinski's experience and commitment make him well-suited to represent the district that includes Barton Springs and part of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.

    • Years of experience working on the staff of three pro-environment council members;
    • A former attorney for the Save Our Springs Alliance with detailed knowledge of land use issues;
    • Dedicated to preserving green and open spaces by clustering new developments when feasible;
    • Committed to reducing flooding and improving water quality citywide in new developments.

    Austin City Council District 9 — Kathie Tovo

    Mayor Pro Tem Tovo is a tireless champion of sustainable water policies, renewable energy and progressive values.

    • Primary sponsor of the resolution that led to Austin's innovative 'Water Forward' plan for a secure and sustainable long-term water supply;
    • A champion for water and energy rates that promote conservation and keep rates under control;
    • Committed to expanding public transportation options to reduce car-dependency and lower carbon emissions;
    • Working to integrate affordable, family-friendly housing into new developments throughout the city.

    Local races are non-partisan, so a straight party vote does not register in city elections. Be sure to vote all the way down to the bottom of the ballot!

    Learn where you can vote here.

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