Clean Water Candidates Across the Country

Vote pins. Credit: luismmolina / iStockPhoto

From local propositions to state ballot initiatives to city councils, state legislatures, and Congress, Clean Water Action has endorsed dozens and dozens of Clean Water Candidates across the country. These candidates will work to put people, not polluters first. They have pledged to take action to address the climate crisis, improve transportation options in our cities, work to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals like PFAS, and help reverse the dangerous Trump administration rollbacks, and more. Voters can make a big difference for our water, our health, and our communities by supporting these candidates. Click on your state below to lear more.

President and Vice President

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will lead the way in restoring critical environmental and public health protections to safeguard our water and communities. Joe Biden will use the power of the federal government to fight environmental injustice. He has committed to holding polluters accountable for the damage they do to communities. Joe Biden will restore our country’s global role in addressing climate change and has committed to significant investments in clean energy and to aggressive reductions in climate change emissions. He is committed to critical democracy reforms to ensure that people and community voices are not drowned out by money in politics, lack of ballot access, and ethics problems. Read more

Key State Endorsements





New Jersey


Rhode Island



The Clean Water Scorecard

This is the most important election of our lifetimes. We must set ourselves on a path to address the climate crisis, fix our failing infrastructure, end environmental racism, put drinking water first, and more. We can’t afford four more years of Trump and we can’t allow Mitch McConnell to set the agenda in the Senate anymore. We tallied important votes on our water, health, and climate. Please use the Clean Water Scorecard as you make your decisions when you vote this year.