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2018 Clean Wave Endorsements


Governor: Tom Wolf

As Governor, Tom Wolf has:

  • Stood up to the Trump Administration’s efforts to make massive cuts to EPA’s budget.
  • Voted to ban fracking in the Delaware River watershed.
  • Stopped further leasing of state parks and forests for oil and gas drilling.
  • Put new rules in place to reduce air and water contam-ination from fracking, including the first state action to stop oil and gas pollution that is destroying our climate.

Vote for Tom Wolf for Governor

Pennsylvania State House

District 155: Danielle Friel Otten

A New Voice We Need in Harrisburg: Danielle Friel Otten became a community leader when an oil and gas company decided to build a gas pipeline through her backyard without considering the risks to her family and community. Her tireless work to protect Chester County makes her just the kind of new leader we need in Harrisburg.

Clean Communities: Danielle will carry on her work to ensure Chester County families are protected from ongoing eff orts to build new oil and gas pipelines in the region, and will push for strong enforcement actions against companies violating their permits.

Clean Energy: Danielle is committed to reducing air and water pollution from energy production. We need to focus on growing our economy and workforce by investing in clean renewable energy.

Clean Politics: Danielle will fight for the interests of families and not big money lobbyists. She will speak out against the infl uence of special interest money and pledges to not take contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

Denielle Friel Otten for PA House District 155

District 156: Carolyn Comitta

In just two years, Carolyn Comitta has demonstrated the kind of state legislator she is when it comes to protecting Chester County’s air, water, and health. With a 100% environmental voting record, she is a leader in efforts to protect the region from the many oil and gas pipelines being built. Carolyn Comitta is an independent voice that residents can rely on to put their interests first.

Protecting Our Communities: Carolyn Comitta has held numerous public meetings to ensure residents are aware of the safety and environmental issues from oil and gas pipelines in Chester County. Government must be open and transparent when it comes to the health and safety of residents.

Protecting Our Air, Water, and Land: Carolyn Comitta has consistently voted to stop legislation that would allow the oil and gas industry the ability to regulate themselves without independent oversight. While House leadership is working to weaken environmental protections, Carolyn has consistently voted for making sure our water and our health come first.

Protecting Our Future: While the Trump Administration tries to take us backwards by rejecting the global Paris Climate Accord, Carolyn Comitta has been a strong supporter of developing clean renewable energy here in Pennsylvania to ensure a future for our planet’s climate and our local economy.

Carolyn Comitta for State Rep., 156th District (PA)



Gretchen Whitmer

Attorney General

Dana Nessel


Debbie Stabenow


2nd Congressional District — Rob Davidson

5th Congressional District — Dan Kildee

6th Congressional District — Matt Longjohn

7th Congressional District — Gretchen Driskell

8th Congressional District — Elissa Slotkin

9th Congressional District — Andy Levin

11th Congressional District — Haley Stevens

12th Congressional District — Debbie Dingell

13th Congressional District — Rashida Tlaib

Michigan Senate

State Senate District 1 — Stephanie Chang.

State Senate District 6 — Erika Geiss.

State Senate District 7 — Dayna Polehanki.

State Senate District 10 — Henry Yanez.

State Senate District 11 — Jeremy Moss.

State Senate District 12 — Rosemary Bayer

State Senate District 13 — Mallory McMorrow

State Senate District 15 — Julia Pulver

State Senate District 18 — Jeff Irwin

State Senate District 22 — Adam Dreher

State Senate District 23 — Curtis Hertel Jr.

State Senate District 27 — Jim Ananich

State Senate District 29 — Winnie Brinks

State Senate District 33 — Mark Bignell

State Senate District 34 — Poppy Sias-Hernandez

State Senate District 37 — Jim Page

Michigan House of Representatives

State House District 12 — Alex Garza

State House District 15 — Abdullah Hammoud

State House District 18 — Kevin Hertel

State House District 21 — Kristy Pagan

State House District 23 — Darrin Camilleri

State House District 26 — Jim Ellison

State House District 31 — Bill Sowerby

State House District 37 — Christine Greig

State House District 40 — Mari Manoogian

State House District 41 — Padma Kuppa

State House District 42 — Mona Shand

State House District 48 — Sheryl Kennedy

State House District 50 — Tim Sneller

State House District 52 — Donna Lasinski

State House District 53 — Yousef Rabhi

State House District 60 — Jon Hoadley

State House District 61 — Alberta Griffin

State House District 62 — Jim Haadsma

State House District 67 — Kara Hope

State House District 73 — Bill Saxton

State House District 75 — David LaGrand

State House District 76 — Rachel Hood

State House District 104 — Dan O'Neil

State House District 106 — Lora Greene

State House District 107 — Joanne Galloway


U.S. Senate:

Beto O'Rourke

U.S. Congress:

10th Congressional District — Mike Siegel

21st Congressional District — Joseph Kopser

23rd Congressional District — Mary Ortiz Jones

25th Congressional District — Julie Oliver

31st Congressional District — M.J. Hegar

32nd Congressional District — Colin Allred

Texas Senate:

State Senate District 5 — Meg Walsh

State Senate District 10 — Beverly Powell

State Senate District 16 — Nathan Johnson

State Senate District 25 — Stephen Kling

State House:

State House District 45 — Erin Zwiener

State House District 46 — Sheryl Cole

State House District 47 — Vikki Goodwin

State House District 52 — James Talarico

State House District 105 — Thresa Meza

State House District 107 — Victoria Neave

State House District 112 — Brandy Chambers

State House District 114 — John Turner

State House District 136 — John Bucy III