Meet the Connecticut Team

Graphic - Map of CT. Image credit: boreala / Shutterstock

“We believe that the challenges of reaching 2050 goals — and interim targets along the way — will require fresh thinking, ambitious action, and a new level of leadership…Connecticut’s next-generation climate change response must be integrated and must transcend government’s ordinary role by engaging citizens, business and institutions as full partners.”

— Recommendations to Governor Malloy's Climate Change Council, 2015.

Clean Water Action is building on our strengths in energy, water, and public health to advance state climate policy and help communities build strength in the face of climate stresses.

We’re mapping a path to 100% renewable energy for Connecticut including expanded access to solar by allowing co-op style development - while being careful that clean power infrastructure does not threaten open space, habitat, or natural resources. We continue to support Connecticut’s amazing Clean Energy Task Forces in their work.

We’re bringing our advocacy skills to Connecticut’s water planning process by addressing toxic pollution in our waterways and advocating for stronger water conservation through sustainable landscape design and efficient technologies.

We’re drawing out the connection between climate change and public health risks like asthma and vector-borne diseases, and reaching out widely to involve the public health community in climate policy.

And we’re getting toxic chemicals out of more and more products through negotiation with major corporations and recent legislative wins to ban plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products and to regulate pesticide application at schools and playgrounds.