Thank you to Governor Malloy for Leadership on Climate Change

Thanking Governor Malloy for Climate Leadership in June 2017

Clean Water Action’s team launched into action on Friday, June 2nd to mobilize a large group of advocates and environmental leaders to sign on to a “Thank you” letter to Governor Malloy for announcing that Connecticut would be the 4th state to join the newly formed U.S. Climate Alliance, along with New York, Washington state and California.  The Climate Alliance was formed in response to President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a bold consensus agreement involving 195 nations across the planet to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and commits states in the absence of federal leadership to continue to commit to achieving these targets. 

On June 7th, Clean Water Action and a large group of leaders stopped by the Governor’s office to drop off the letter that included signatures from 20 environmental and health organizations and community leaders.  We urged the Governor to work with us and other state leaders, during the upcoming special session to:

  1. Speed grid-scale clean energy deployment through a new 50% by 2030 renewables target in Connecticut’s Renewable Portfolio Standard;
  2. Set interim carbon pollution targets in Connecticut’s Global Warming Solutions Act to achieve the long-term, scientifically-necessary 2050 mandate;
  3. Increase cost-effective energy efficiency to annual levels already being achieved in nearby states, such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and require an efficiency job corps for youth;
  4. Enable shared solar statewide for all residents, especially low- and moderate-income ratepayers;
  5. Speed local solar deployment through several reforms – extension of the ZREC/LREC program, increasing the virtual net metering cap for municipalities, and implementing RPACE in local communities; and
  6. Relaunch and expand energy efficiency in state and municipal buildings, also known as Lead by Example, with local hiring.

We’re proud of Connecticut’s leadership on climate change and you can count on Clean Water Action to continue to work hard to pass policies that move us rapidly to 100% renewable energy for all.