Trump's Attacks on the Clean Water Act

Power plant on water

The Trump administration is out of control.

In 2019 alone, Trump’s EPA:

  • Wiped-out protections for the streams that feed the drinking water for more than 1 in 3 Americans and the wetlands that filter pollution and protect communities from flooding.

  • Proposed a plan to make it harder for state and tribes to protect local water quality from big energy projects like pipelines and fossil-fuel terminals.

  • Finalized a rule to do absolutely nothing to safeguard communities from discharges of hazardous chemicals from industrial facilities.

  • Proposed a scheme to make it easier for companies to pave over streams or fill-in wetlands.

  • Released a proposal to allow coal-fired power plants to dump more toxic waste into rives and other sources of drinking water. 

  • Announced a new polluter loophole that would put our surface waters at risk.

The Trump administration is putting our water and health at risk. Trump and his EPA are dismantling the Clean Water Act, piece by piece.

This year we’ve mobilized more than a hundred thousand public comments in opposition to these proposals. We’ve rasied the alarm, educating the public, press, and lawmakers. We’ve sued. You can make sure we can continue to run strong and strategic campaigns to protect our water and health.

Join us -- take action to stop Trump's latest attack on our water.

The Trump administration isn’t going to stop this assault on commonsense protections -- not when corporate special interests are running the show. So we can’t stop either -- consider a donation to power our campaigns to stop the Dirty Water Agenda.


And we wouldn’t want to -- the future of our water, health, and communities is at stake.