NEPA Rollbacks and Public Lands Giveaways

NEPA For Sale your public lands

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is our nation’s foundational environmental law that requires the federal government to consider the environmental impacts of projects.

The Trump administration has proposed changes that would dramatically weaken NEPA, making it harder for communities to speak out against risky or poorly planned projects. This means the government would be able to put a toxic trash incinerator near your neighborhood school or allow an oil company to pave over streams and fill-in wetlands so it can build a pipeline near your community - and you wouldn't have any way to express your opposition. Don't let the White House take away your voice!

Do you want to know why they're doing it?

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, a former lobbyist for extractive industries, is waging a multi-front war on our public lands and environmental protections to make it easier for his former clients to extract oil, gas, and other natural resources from public lands. With help from Acting BLM Director William Perry Pendley, Bernhardt's DOI and the Trump Administration are:

  • Removing protection for federal lands
  • "Streamlining" review processes that safeguard decision making
  • Proposing rollbacks that would gut NEPA, including excluding evaluation of climate change impacts - opening the door to more fossil fuel infrastructure and extraction.

They're not even trying to hide this connection between NEPA rollbacks and public lands giveaways - the major hearing on the rollback proposal is being held at the Department of Interior building in DC!

To slow down the sell off of our public lands and our natural resources, we must stop the proposed changes to NEPA. Send a message to the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality today.

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