Denver Water's Lead Reduction Plan

South Platte River -- Photo credit: Jennifer Peters

Denver Water has proposed a bold plan to eliminate one of the largest sources of lead in its distribution system—lead service lines—while protecting public health. As an alternative to treating our drinking water with orthophosphate, a chemical that can pollute our rivers and lakes with the nutrient phosphorus, Denver would instead fully replace an estimated 75,000 lead service lines within 15 years. To ensure the health of our community during this ambitious project, the utility will provide free water filters to households as they wait to have their lead service lines replaced. 

The most effective way to limit exposure to lead is to remove the lead at the source. For lead in drinking water, that means focusing on digging up and replacing lead service lines that are some of the greatest contributors to lead in drinking water. Clean Water Action is working to promote full lead service line replacement in local, state, and national projects. We applaud Denver Water’s leadership and proposal. Protecting all of our communities from lead must be a top priority, and it is also critical to continue making progress toward reducing nutrient pollution in our rivers, streams, and lakes. 

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