Why a 3200 ft Buffer is Critical for Communities

oil and gas production in lost hills

CalGEM (the state agency that regulates oil and gas production) and the Governor’s office have proposed new oil and gas public health rules. They have proposed a 3200-foot setback from new oil and gas wells to protect frontline communities. This is huge -- but we have to make sure the proposal is finalized.

These rules are in draft form only - and we know that the oil and gas industry will fight this proposal tooth and nail.  We need your help.  Raise your voice alongside impacted communities in support of this proposal.  We need to come out in numbers to protect the health and lives of our children and families.

Right now, more than 7.5 Million Californians live within a mile of the toxic byproducts of oil and gas drilling in their neighborhoods. The proposed 3,200 foot setback buffer between oil and gas sites and homes, schools, and healthcare facilities is an essential first step forward to achieve environmental justice for these families.

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