In Celebration of World Water Day, State Environmental Advocates Urge Stronger Protection of Connecticut's Waters

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

(Hartford, CT) -- In recognition of World Water Day, many of Connecticut’s major environmental groups announced their renewed commitment to safeguard all the state’s water resources including streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and drinking water sources.

Clean Water Action, Rivers Alliance of CT, CT Fund for the Environment and Park Watershed applaud the passage of a bill two years ago that established a state water planning process. 

“World Water Day is especially meaningful this year in Connecticut as we officially begin the development of a comprehensive plan for all the state’s waters.  The plan will aim for a coordinated approach for protection of our extraordinarily valuable water resources as we move into an era of a volatile, changing climate," stated Margaret Miner, Executive Director of Rivers Alliance of CT and Water Planning Council Advisory Group Co-chair. 

“On this World Water Day, I’m thrilled that Connecticut has some of the strongest drinking water protections in the nation,” said Leah Schmalz, Program Director at Connecticut Fund for the Environment and its bi-state program Save the Sound. “But we can’t let down our guard. Haphazard planning and dangerous project proposals, like those on the table right now in Bloomfield, New Britain, and Metropolitan District lands near Hartford, put everything we treasure about our safe water supply at risk. The state water plan, expected in early 2017, will go a long way towards planning for our future water needs. On today of all days, we must act to ensure that our water remains clean for future generations.”

According to Anne Hulick, State Director for Clean Water Action, “When it comes to water, even issues that present themselves as local really have statewide importance.  When residents came to us for help in dealing with the fast-tracking of the Niagara Bottling proposal, we knew it was not just a Bloomfield issue but a proposal that would have regional and state-wide implications.

This group strongly supports SB 422, AN ACT CONCERNING RESIDENTIAL WATER RATES, PUBLIC DRINKING WATER SUPPLY EMERGENCIES AND SELLERS OF BOTTLED WATER.  The bill removes subsidies for large water extraction businesses and strengthens the state review process for water impacts of new business development.   This is a step in the right direction to assure that water, one of our state's most valuable resources, is managed for all Connecticut businesses and citizens--now and into the future" added Hulick.

The groups are urging Connecticut residents to learn more and get involved here.

Susan Eastwood