Clean Water Action Endorses the Voters Not Politicians Ballot Initiative

Clean Water Action Michigan Director Mary Brady-Enerson released the following statement:

“A big part of our mission at Clean Water Action is making democracy work for the people of Michigan and our environment. At a time when fossil fuel companies are spending millions of dollars to elect politicians who will deny the very existence of climate change over the objections of the majority of their constituents, it is imperative that the people have a strong voice in our democratic processes. For too long, the redistricting process has been captive to the demands of entrenched partisans, while the people have been left out of the equation. Allowing elected politicians to control the redistricting process has been disastrous for the people of Michigan and our environment.

Having an independent redistricting commission has increased voter turnout, created more competitive districts, and returned power to the people by ensuring that voters are choosing their representatives, not the other way around in the states that have already taken this prudent step. Making our elected officials more accountable to their constituents is a win for every Michigan voter and a win for our Great Lakes. We are proud to support Voters Not Politicians in this endeavor."


Clean Water Action is Michigan’s largest grassroots conservation group with over 250,000 members across the state. Through direct advocacy and education they organize Michigan residents to protect the Great Lakes and our water resources. Learn more at


Sean McBrearty