Clean Water Action Renews Call for Governor Whitmer to Revoke Line 5 Easement Immediately

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The following statement can be attributed to Sean McBrearty, Michigan Legislative and Policy Director, Clean Water Action:

“Last week, Governor Whitmer asked Enbridge Inc., to provide financial assurance mechanisms as well as an insurance policy for the Line 5 pipeline that names the state of Michigan as coinsured. We know that nothing will protect the Great Lakes from an increasingly likely Line 5 oil spill short of revoking Enbridge’s easement, but at the very least Enbridge’s insurance policy would ensure that Michigan taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag when a devastating oil spill does occur.

Enbridge has ignored the Governor’s request. Instead, they have responded with more lies to the State and the public, including shaky financial assurance mechanisms from their subsidiaries that don’t actually have the money necessary to cover the immense recovery costs a Line 5 spill would require.

Enbridge continues to show how untrustworthy they are. Governor Whitmer has tried to negotiate and has asked for minimal assurances like this one. Yet time and time again Enbridge refuses to cooperate in good faith or prove to Michigan that they can be trusted to leave unharmed our Great lakes, home to nearly 21% of the world’s fresh water. We hope this is the last straw for Governor Whitmer. It’s time to revoke Enbridge’s easement and discontinue all operation of the dangerous Line 5 pipeline.”


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Sean McBrearty