Massachusetts’ Climate Champion Wins Primary Race. Clean Water Action Congratulates Ed Markey

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Ed Markey

Massachusetts has reason to celebrate today: Senator Ed Markey won the primary for re-election to the US Senate! Ed Markey, Senate sponsor of the Green New Deal and many other key pieces of legislation to protect health, environment and climate, is arguably the Senate’s strongest leader on the fight against climate change.

“Massachusetts voters have spoken: this moment in human history is the time to back and support our climate champions, not to sideline them", said Elizabeth Saunders, Massachusetts Director. “Clean Water Action congratulates Ed Markey on his resounding victory in this primary race.”

2020 has been especially trying, but it also presents many opportunities to rebuild. The global pandemic, increasingly dangerous and damaging storms across the globe, and the onslaught of police violence against black and brown communities has exposed the failures of our social systems and our society-wide disregard for some of the most marginalized communities. However, together with Ed Markey’s bold leadership and the power of people demanding systemic change, we can create a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable future. We can and will keep pushing for initiatives like the Green New Deal!


Since our founding during the campaign to pass the landmark Clean Water Act in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking and people power to the table. We will protect clean water in the face of attacks from a polluter friendly Administration.

Elizabeth Saunders