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air department personnel wash aqueous film forming foam AFF off a plane

PFAS-Containing Firefighting Foams

December 19, 2019

Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) are synthetic PFAS-containing foams designed for flammable liquid fires, also called Class B fires.

Tackling California's PFAS Problem

September 6, 2019

You may never have heard of PFAS, but they are a class of toxic chemicals that are everywhere.

Clean Water Action: New Reporting Reveals the Oil Industry Still Injecting into Protected Groundwater in California

August 20, 2019

“It’s unacceptable that oil companies are still injecting toxic wastewater into potential drinking water sources, in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Despite significant progress by state agencies in recent years to improve California’s Underground Injection Control program, the oil and gas industry still has far too much influence. State regulators need to stand up to fossil fuel interests and take more aggressive action to protect our water."

10 Things You Can Do About Toxic PFAS Chemicals

July 16, 2019

PFAS are a family of approximately 4700 human-made chemicals that are effective at repelling grease, water, and stains, as well as combating certain types of fires.