National Actions

Capitol Building - Washington DC

Congress must prioritize protecting our democracy!

More people than ever voted this year. There was a lot of interest in the elections and a number of states expanded access to mail-in voting and expanded opportunities for early voting.

Waste water being discharged into a river. Photo credit: EvgeniiAnd / Shutterstock

Stop EPA's Latest Assault on Our Water!

Trump’s EPA wants to make it easier for polluters to poison our nation’s water.

Help us stop the latest assault on our water and health!

Break Free From Plastic with Clean Water Action. Source: Canva

Tell Your Representatives: Break Free From Plastic

It’s time to hold brands, manufacturers, and the plastics industry accountable for their role in the plastic pollution crisis! Please urge your representatives in the U.S.

Support the Clean Water for All Act!

Everyone deserves access to clean water, and that’s why it’s so important that leaders in the U.S.

Take the Pledge!

Take the Pledge to Reduce Single-Use today!

Pledge to reduce your reliance on single-use disposable products and packaging.