National Actions

Toxic Power Plant near a fishing spot - Photo courtesy Pete Harrsion, Waterkeeper Alliance

No Toxic Water!

Instead of weakening these pollution standards for power plants, EPA should uphold the zero discharge standards for bottom ash wastewater and act to strengthen the standards for scrubber sludge wastewater to include limits on critical pollutants like bromide and boron that the 2015 did not address.


Tell major retailers: Get toxic chemicals out of products and packaging!

Will you send an email to all fourteen companies that earned F grades? These companies, including Ulta, Starbucks, and TJ Maxx/Marshalls need to hear from you.

Corroded pipe with lead service fittings. Credit: Mike Thomas / Creative Commons

EPA Can Do More to Protect Our Communities from Lead

EPA chose not to require full replacement of lead service lines — the largest source of lead in drinking water — and stopped short of other measures to reduce exposure.

Test tubes, table of elements. Photo credit: Ben Schonewille / Shutterstock

Congress: Time to act on PFAS

Congressional intervention is a critical part of the policy action needed to address the widespread presence of these troubling chemicals in the environment and their continued use in everyday products like food packaging, in foams used to fight fires, in industrial processes like chrome planting, and literally throughout the economy.

Take the Pledge!

Take the Pledge to Reduce Single-Use today!

Pledge to reduce your reliance on single-use disposable products and packaging.