Virginia Campaigns

A coal ash dump. Photo Credit: Nenad Zivkovic / Shutterstock

Coal Ash in Virginia

Despite the abundant evidence of groundwater contamination by coal ash in Virginia and the long history of spills and mismanagement of dams, state regulations have serious gaps that heighten the risk of future harm from coal ash.

Two women voting. Photo credit: Burlingham / Shutterstock

Civic Engagement in Virginia

Clean Water Action builds grassroots strength in local Northern Virginia communities to change state and national politics and environmental policy.

Potomac River, Great Falls National Park. Photo credit: eurobanks / Shutterstock

Northern Virginia Healthy Communities

In 2015, we helped establish a new coalition, Northern Virginia Healthy Communities, and led the effort to develop a broad and diverse collaborative of organizations and community leaders committed to enhance public health, and protect our region’s watersheds and natural resources.

Street drain, stormwater runoff. Photo credit: Abramov Timur / Shutterstock

Reducing Stormwater

One of the most widespread and rampant sources of pollution Virginia’s tributaries and the Chesapeake Bay is urban and suburban stormwater runoff from hard and impervious surfaces like streets, roofs, and parking lots.

PFAS Rhode Island

Safer Chemicals for Virginia

Clean Water is working to reduce and eliminate toxic chemical exposures in our everyday lives- in buildings, schools, and workplaces, air, water and food, and in consumer products.