Take the Clean Water Climate Action Voter Pledge!

Vote! Credit:  PhotoStockImage / Shutterstock

Climate change is already having devastating effects on drinking water because climate change is water change.  We have to get serious about tackling the climate crisis now – and that means electing leaders who will join us in the fight against climate change.

Elections matter. The people we elect make decisions that impact our lakes, rivers, and our climate. Our elected officials have a big role in making sure our drinking water is safe and affordable, they pass laws and help set policy that to help control pollution into our water, and how to fund programs and agencies that protect our water sources and address climate change.  We need to make sure we elect people who will put people first, not polluter profits.

You can make the difference in 2020. You have the power to ensure that clean water champions win in November by getting involved, and encouraging others to join you. You can start right now.

Take the Clean Water Climate Action Voter Pledge!

By signing the pledge, you’re committing to supporting clean water candidates this year. We’ll make sure you have the information you need to vote for clean water climate champs – we’ll send emails and maybe ever a few texts with reminders and details about the candidates Clean Water Action as endorsed. Most importantly, by signing  you send a strong message that you will be engaged this year, that you’re going to support candidates who will make clean water a priority.