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Clean Water is taking-on single use products: from shopping bags, to food and beverage packaging, to plastic water bottles, our goal is to minimize the use of single use products. Click on one of the links to the left, or below, to find out more. 


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Participating Business Testimonials

Read our case studies from food establishments that have received ReThink Disposable assistance. 

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Reducing Disposables in Food Service

ReThink Disposable is a free technical assistance program that helps food businesses implement best practices to reduce waste and cut costs by minimizing disposable product usage.

From We All Live Downstream

May 19, 2016

City of Cupertino Mayor Barry Chang awarded our Rethink Disposable businesses for their incredible green success recently at a city council meeting.

Thanks to their participation in our program, three locally-owned food businesses in Cupertino have eliminated just under quarter of a million single-use disposable items from their operations each year, preventing over three and a half thousand pounds of trash, and saving a combined total of $10,000 annually.  Those are the kind of numbers that get mayors to pay attention!

Dara Rossoff Powell leading a beach cleanup at Crissy Field, in San Francisco, on Sunday May 1
May 4, 2016

California is renowned for its miles of pristine beaches, but look a little closer, and you’ll uncover the symptoms of a global plastics problem, right under our noses.

Shirley Berry, owner of The Joint Eatery in San Jose, a particpant in the Rethink Disposable program
April 29, 2016

As part of my work with ReThink Disposable it is my job to sign up businesses to our program. By far, the most satisfying aspect of my job is when I connect with a business owner and together, we build the business the owner has always wanted.