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Let's Call For Sustainable Funding For Safe and Affordable Drinking Water

Each year more than 1 million Californians are served water that does not meet safe drinking water standards. That's unacceptable. Let's call for change. 

Waste pit - Kern County

Get Out of the Pits

Oil and gas companies have been dumping their wastewater into unlined open pits, threatening groundwater and air quality. This disposal method is an irresponsible way for industry to save a few dollars, and it has contaminated groundwater in numerous cases.

Take the Pledge!

Take the Pledge to Reduce Single-Use today!

Pledge to reduce your reliance on single-use disposable products and packaging.

Big Agriculture

Let's hold big agriculture accountable for nitrate pollution

We’ve known since the 1970s that big agriculture is responsible for serious nitrate pollution problems in California, but until recently, state regulators have let them off the hook.

What’s in the Package?

Thousands of toxic chemicals are making their way from packaging into your food. We're calling for California lawmakers to show leadership in granting consumers the right to know: What's in the package?

Let’s Stand Up To Dow and Shell For Public Health on 1,2,3-TCP

Don't let these deep-pocketed responsible parties prevent the state from setting standards that ensure our drinking water is safe!

California Legislative Scorecard:2015--2016

Oil industry groups spent over $22 million in 2015, or $60,000 a day, and $127 million over the last ten years lobbying the state capitol against climate change and oil and gas reform measures.

From We All Live Downstream

What Can Aquariums Do To Reduce Plastic Pollution?

January 19, 2017

Aquariums are in a great position to educate their visitors about the harmful impacts of plastic pollution.

President-Elect Trump will not have the last word. Original photo credit: a Katz / Shutterstock

Because There is a Fire in the Belly

November 10, 2016

As Election Night rolled on, my drinks got stronger, my posture got slouchier, and my heart got heavier. I didn't fall asleep until 4 am. I couldn't sleep past 7 am.