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“My work at Clean Water Action introduced me to the world of environmental campaigning, lobbying and policy-making — and I immediately fell in love with all of it.”

Make a difference at work:

  1. Learn about the most pressing environmental issues  we face today
  2. Engage in the political process
  3. Enhance public speaking skills
  4. Enjoy competitive benefits, and opportunities for advancement and travel
  5. Work with dynamic colleagues in a team-oriented environment

"Clean Water Action led me to the place I belong..."

 - Nida Wilson, Former Pittsburgh Canvass Director

If you want to see things change, you have to get involved.

And you can’t do it alone – you need friends and family, neighbors and communities – you need a movement. For more than forty years Clean Water Action has been building a movement for clean water and a healthier environment, person by person, door by door. For more than forty years our canvass has led the way.

Our canvassers are community organizers. Every day they knock on doors or talk on the phone to educate and motivate people, to sign up new members for Clean Water Action, and give Americans the knowledge they need to protect clean water, their health, and their communities.

Our canvassers have helped win important laws at the federal state and local level to reduce pollution, clean up our rivers and streams and protect our families from dirty drinking water or unsafe chemicals. Our canvassers have also helped to elect environmental champions to the US House and Senate along with countless local and state lawmakers.

So, why canvass? To make a difference: from finding clean water leaders in communities across the country to passing clean water laws to electing clean water champions, Clean Water Action’s canvassers make a difference every day.

Calling All Clean Water Members!

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Clean Water Action’s canvassers make a difference every day — from finding clean water leaders in communities across the country, to passing clean water laws, to electing clean water champions. Learn more and apply here to join our grassroots organizers in the field or here to join our teams on the phones.
At the State Capitol in Lansing

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Canvass Directors and Assistant Canvass Directors manage one of our  10 grassroots fundraising field offices across the country, with bottom-line responsibility for all local operations. Learn more and apply here.