Susan Eastwood

Val Bak

Introducing Val Bak, Clean Water Action's Connecticut intern extraordinaire

April 22, 2016

Val is inspired by being in nature – this is what drives her work to protect our environment.

Cosmetics - lipstick, other makeup - arranged on a table. Photo credit: AfricaStudios / Shutterstock

Detox Your House

March 18, 2016

Personal Care Products – What’s going on your body, and down the drain?

Feet First on Water

August 6, 2015

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a group of fifth graders at the IB School in West Hartford, CT who had chosen to study water issues. They invited me to address some tough questions - “Why should we save water when we have plenty of clean water? How does this help those who are without adequate water supplies? Will using more or less water in West Hartford make any difference?